Welcome to my blog. My name is Misty Hamilton Smith, and I am a mother of three amazing biological grown children, two adopted children, and grandmother to seven. I currently hold an Associate’s degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix. However, I enjoy numerous topics and am working towards dual bachelor degrees in Psychology and History at Southern New Hampshire University.

It is my plan to continue to my Doctorate in Psychology with a focus in Mental Health because I greatly enjoy helping others. Here on my blog, I will be posting articles on psychological subjects that I find of interest – written by me or others.

Along with love for history, which causes me to pursue a History degree for pure pleasure, I have been a practicing Genealogist for over 26 years. I am the owner of the genealogy/history website Appalachian Genealogy where you will find not only personal genealogical data but data that may help you on your genealogy journey. I will occasionally post about history here on my personal blog; however, much of the genealogy and history related posts will be located on the Appalachian Genealogy website.

In addition, I am very interested in science and our environment and believe that everyone should be educated on the facts about the climate change crisis we are facing on this planet. Therefore, I will be posting information pertaining to our environment, once again written by me or others.

Furthermore, I am a lover of books (both fictional and nonfictional), I have one science fiction book that has been published at this moment and a stack more in various states of publication.

Please enjoy my blog and please remember to comment on posts!